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EcoPath MT

Aggregate and Recycled Rubber Resin Bound Surfacing System


EcoPath MT is a resin bound aggregate surface for pedestrian traffic. EcoPath MT surfaces are decorative and functional, seamless and slightly flexible. The open matrix allows water to drain through to the base, eliminating water ponding and allowing water to drain to planted areas or land drains. The system is designed to be SuDS compliant reducing the impact of development on flood risk and allowing water to flow into water courses. Edgings created from brick, stone, timber or steel should be installed to retain and protect the resin bound surfacing.


Areas of use

  • Footpaths, playgrounds, pool and pond surrounds

  • Patios, terraces and water features

  • Bridleways



  • Natural appearance
  • UV stable non yellowing resin
  • Recycled aggregates available
  • Highly permeable
  • Slip resistant

EcoPath MT comprises EcoPath MT Resin, a two component moisture tolerant epoxy resin which binds aggregate and recycled vulcanised rubber granules. The EcoPath MT provides an attractive surface, is strong enough for foot traffic, and is highly porous. EcoPath MT is typically applied to compacted Type 3 aggregate to provide a thin alternative to asphalt or concrete. EcoPath MT can be applied onto compacted soil. However, the drainage may be reduced and the system may be affected by soil washout, clay heave, flooding etc.



EcoPath MT is designed for light foot traffic only. It is not designed road surfacing, driveways or car parks.

Resin and Aggregate

EcoPath MT uses a moisture tolerant epoxy resin meaning the surface does not need to be dry during installation (See Rain During Application for more information). Upon exposure to UV light the cured resin may yellow and alter the appearance if other certain aggregate shades are used.


Some aggregates can contain small amounts of iron which can produce rust staining. This naturally occurring iron cannot be identified before use and Ronacrete cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a result of staining.


Appearance and Maintenance

The appearance of samples and of materials supplied by Ronacrete are based on the colour, shade and grading of individual aggregates supplied to Ronacrete by its suppliers. Being largely natural aggregates, the appearance will vary from bag to bag and batch to batch, a uniform appearance should not be expected and cannot be achieved.


It is possible to repair localised damage by cutting out and replacing, ideally using the same aggregate as originally supplied. Ageing and weathering of the original may prevent an invisible repair. “Picking out” of some stones is possible but is likely to be minimal and localised. Any major loss of stone should be reported.


Slip Resistance

EcoPath MT achieves low risk of slip in both wet and dry conditions.


Application of EcoPath MT Anti-Slip Aggregate will significantly increase the slip resistance of the surface in the wet, without substantial change to appearance and its use may help comply with Health and Safety obligations.


EcoPath MT is a specialist product and must only be applied by specialist applicators. Do not apply or allow it to be applied by contractors who do not possess the necessary skills and experience.  You should consider appointing an Eco Resin Bound Approved Contractor.

Suggested Construction SuDS Compliant Permeable Construction for Footpaths and Bridleways

EcoPath MT Surfacing

35mm minimum depth of EcoPath MT vulcanised rubber granules and natural aggregate bound with EcoPath MT Resin.


Granular Sub-base

175mm minimum well compacted Type 3 granular sub-base or similar approved or well compacted, undisturbed soil


Optional Impermeable Membrane

Impermeable membrane to carry water to infiltration/storage system




Optional Geotextile Layer

Geotextile layer to prevent upward migration of soil


Capping Layer

If required, depending on sub-grade condition




The above information is produced for guidance only, the designer/ contractor should be satisfied that the construction is suitable for the expected traffic and ground conditions.


Installation Procedure
  • Place 90kg EcoPath MT rubber granules and kiln dried aggregate into a clean, forced action mixer, minimum pan capacity 120 litres, Baron E120 mixer or similar.
  • Scrape all of the contents of EcoPath MT Resin Part B component into the larger Part A container and mix with a drill and helical paddle mixer attachment for 30-45 seconds. Keep mixing time to a minimum to avoid a build up of heat.
  • Immediately add the mixed resin to the aggregate in the mixer. Mix the aggregate and resin together until all the aggregate is evenly coated with resin.  Keep mixing time to a minimum to avoid a build up of heat.
  • Discharge the mixed resin and aggregate onto the prepared sub-base, level and smooth.  Excessive compaction will reduce permeability.
  • Light rain on the surface of the system is unlikely to damage or affect the surface, see later reference to application in rainy conditions.  
  • Finish the surface with a suitable float.
  • If required, immediately cast EcoPath MT Anti-Slip Aggregate onto the top surface of the wet resin and aggregate, at the  rate of approximately 0.1kg/m2. Ensure even coverage to prevent a patchy appearance.
  • Allow to cure. At 20oC protect against damage by heavy rain for 12 hours and open to traffic after 24 hours minimum.
Shelf Life and Storage

Shelf life of EcoPath MT is 6 months, aggregates have an unlimited shelf life. Store materials in clean, dry, frost free warehouse conditions between 5oC and 25oC. Protect from sunlight.

Health and Safety

EcoAgg UV Resin Bound Surfacing System Resin contains small amounts of isocyanates and is harmful by ingestion and skin contact. It is not considered harmful for transportation. Protective clothing such as goggles, overalls and gloves is recommended to prevent any effect from prolonged skin contact, inhalation or ingestion. Refer to Health and Safety Data Sheets.

Temperature and Rain During Application

Working time is affected by temperature including material, air and substrate temperature. At temperatures above 25°C the pot life and working time may be insufficient to allow its proper application.


Work should therefore not proceed when product, air or substrate temperature exceed 25°C. The temperature of the substrate must therefore be measured and monitored during application and work should stop when temperature is above 25°C.


At low temperatures EcoPath MT Resin will not flow sufficiently to achieve a smooth finish and work should not proceed when air, material or substrate temperature is below 5oC. The surface must not be trafficked until it has gained sufficient strength. 


Light rain on the surface of the system is unlikely to cause damage to or affect the surface. Heavy rain is likely to spoil the appearance of the surface. Very heavy rain could wash out resin and aggregate. Therefore application during rain or when rain is anticipated during the cure period is not recommended.


Site Attendance

When on site Eco Resin Bound Ltd representatives are able, if asked, to give a general indication of the correct method of installing a Eco Resin Bound Ltd product. It is important to bear in mind that Eco Resin Bound Ltd is a manufacturer and not an application contractor and it is therefore the responsibility of the contractor and his employer to ensure he is aware of and implements the correct practices and procedures to ensure the correct installation of the product and that liability for its correct installation lies with the contractor and not with Eco Resin Bound Ltd.

Mix Designs
Surfacing Mix 103kg
EcoPath MT Resin 6kg
EcoPath MT Aggregate 75kg (3 x 25kg)
EcoPath MT Rubber Granules 15kg (1 x 15kg)
EcoPath MT Sand 7kg (1 x 7kg)
Coverage (approx)* 2.4m2 @ 35mm

* Coverage is based on application to a smooth flat surface and will vary when applied to undulating surfaces, according to compaction, and to the aggregate grading, which can change from batch to batch.

Performance Data
Minimum Thickness 35mm
Foot traffic after 24 hours at 20oC
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